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About Us

I've been taking photographs on safari for over twenty five years now. The bug first bit me when my dad bought an old Pentax ME Super with a 70 - 210 manual zoom in the early eighties.

We would visit the game reserves in South Africa like the Kruger National Park and Pilanesberg and I would snap away dementedly at every animal we saw. I still do, even more so now that I have a Canon compact digital camera with a 12X optical zoom and I've branched out to places like Botswana and Zimbabwe.

The wildlife pictures have improved over time and my love for going on a picture safari and the wilds and wildlife of Africa remains undiminished. I try to go on safari every chance I get and I have visited many of the reserves in the southern part of this massive continent.

Awareness About Africa

I built this website to showcase some of my and other photographers wildlife picture efforts to hopefully provide you with a small insight into the magical experience that is an African safari.

And if these wildlife pictures can spread a little awareness about Africa which might ultimately lead to the continued and improved conservation of all the wildlife there then I will consider them a success.

I've also condensed a lot of my safari photography knowledge into the "Better Safari Photography" e-book which I make available for free to anyone interested in improving their photography efforts on safari.

In 2003 I launched the African Safari Journals website to provide an objective voice in the safari industry based on trip reports submitted by past safari travelers. The website is now one of the top safari review resources on the internet and I share some of the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years there too. It might help you if you want to undertake a safari trip yourself which I can't recommend highly enough. The old cliché that it is a once in a lifetime experience really is true. You will never forget it.

I've authored another e-book called "Guide Your Own Safari" to dispel the myth that you must use a guide when you go on safari and to enable anyone (especially photographers) to visit Southern African wildlife areas very cost effectively and yet still enjoy great food, accommodation and facilities.

Bruce Whittaker

African Safari Pictures Founder

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