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How To Get Better Safari Photography Results

Better safari photography images for your once in a lifetime trip are possible to achieve with a little bit of help from this free e-Book whether you are a novice getting to grips with photography for the first time, right through to the intermediate and advanced photographer.

The guide can help any prospective safari traveler who has an interest in getting the best possible wildlife pictures in the limited time available on an African safari.

I've been privileged to be able to practise wildlife photography on hundreds of safari trips for over twenty five years now all over the Southern African continent (I live in South Africa which makes this possible) and I've learnt a few things in that time that can help you improve your own safari photo portfolio.

So I've condensed a lot of that experience and knowledge into a 41 page e-book called "Better Safari Photography" that you can download here for free in the hope that it will prove useful to you on your own safari.

It should answer many of the questions you may have about safari photography as I put it together in response to enquiries that I've received over the years since starting this website (some examples of my own safari photos).

Here's a rundown of what the free guide book contains...

Better Safari Photography eBook Contents

wild dog
  1. Introduction

  2. The Best Safari Lenses
    • Compact camera lenses
    • DSLR telephoto lenses

  3. Lens Rental and Reselling

  4. The Top Safari Cameras

  5. Safari Photography Tips

  6. Beanbags, Tripods, Window Mounts and Other Rests
    • Self drive safari rests
    • Guided safari rests
    pied kingfisher
  7. Picture Storage
    • Memory card
    • Hard drive card reader
    • Laptop
    • Portable hard drive

  8. Power and Battery Requirements

  9. Camera Gear and Flying

  10. Dealing With Dust

  11. Safari Camera Gear Insurance

  12. hippo bull
  13. Best Four Safari Photography Destinations

  14. Important Questions To Ask Your Safari Company

  15. Top 'Photographer Friendly' Safari Companies

  16. How To Edit Your Photos

  17. Where To Display Your Safari Photos Online

  18. About The Author

How To Get the Free e-Book

"Better Safari Photography" is available as an electronic (PDF) book which you can download onto your computer and read immediately after completing the form below.

If you are currently planning your safari and have a confirmed date you expect to return from your trip please enter the month and year in the form below (no confirmed date yet, just make a rough estimate).

If you don't currently have any fixed future safari plans then simply leave the safari return date fields blank and only fill in your name and e-mail address.

As an added bonus I will also send you the free "Safari Journal Diary" which contains a comprehensive safari packing list, Africa advice section, wildlife tick list. I'll also share a list of the top three safari companies in various African countries and what I believe is the number one tip on how to improve your safari photography.

Ok, please fill in your particulars below to take the first steps towards better safari photographs...

Privacy Policy

What Happens Once You Click "Get Better Safari Photography eBook"?

I will send you an e-mail with all the details on how to collect the photography e-book so make sure the address you fill in on the form is correct.

It will also include a list of the top three safari companies in Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda and Kilimanjaro.

And then the next day you'll receive an e-mail with details about the free "Safari Journal Diary" e-book and how to download that, followed on day two by my top tip on how to improve your safari photographs. Make sure you click on the confirmation link in the first e-mail otherwise the other two mails won't reach you.

Please let me know if you have trouble getting the e-books so that I can help you, or just to get in touch to talk about my favourite subject, safari photography. Would love to hear from you.

Bruce Whittaker
Better Safari Photography Author