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Request Professional Editing To Ensure Your Safari Pictures Are The Best They Can Possibly Be

Improve the images of your once in a lifetime trip and share the results with family and friends on the web or even as a canvas or print on your wall.

Editing Improves Safari Pictures

Post processing is an essential part of getting good photography results.

If you want your pictures to reach their full potential then you need to edit them.

Make sure the photos you took on your safari are as good as they can get by requesting Afrisafpics professional grade photo editing.

Multiple Edits Applied To Make Your Pictures Shine

It's not only the kind of edits that are made but also the degree to which they are implemented that's important.

These are the adjustments: Composition cropping, white balance, exposure compensation, highlights and shadows, clarity and sharpening, hue, saturation and luminance, vignette and brush tool enhancements.

Secure Payment By Credit Card Or Paypal

Easy, quick and safe invoice payment with your Paypal account or credit card, whichever suits you.

Save Yourself Time By Outsourcing

It's no use having all the pictures you took on safari sitting on your hard drive unseen because you don't have the time to process them.

Send them to us for editing and then you can display them proudly to your nearest and dearest in digital and canvas or print format.

Priced For Volume

A safari is a once in a lifetime trip and the photographs you took are a wonderful memento of that experience.

So we've priced our service so that you can have as many of your pictures edited as possible for the lowest cost.

Your Photos Are Safe

We open a fully secure temporary online album in your name to store your pictures while processing them.

Nobody else has access to your photos and once you've downloaded them to your own devices after editing completion the album is deleted. They remain fully and only your photographs.

Afrisafpics Photo Editing Prices

The more pictures you submit the less you pay. Get all the photos you took on your African safari professionally edited for less.

10 to 299 Photos

USD $1 per photo.

Minimum order amount is 10 photographs (USD $10).

300 Plus Photos - 5% Off

USD 0.95c per photo.

Submit 300 or more of your safari pictures and get a 5% discount.

1000 Plus Photos - 10% Off

USD 0.90c per photo.

Submit 1000 or more of your safari pictures and get a 10% discount.

How The Photo Editing Process Works

Step 1

Complete The Form Below

Fill in your name and e-mail address so that Afrisafpics can communicate with you.

Step 2

We Open A Temporary Photo Editing Album For You

This free online album is in your name and completely private and secure so that only you and Afrisafpics (for editing purposes) have access to it.

Step 3

Submit Your Chosen Pictures

We e-mail you the link to your album so that you can upload all the safari photos you want Afrisafpics to edit.

Step 4

We Email You The Invoice

The total invoice amount is based on the number of pictures in your temporary album and you can pay securely using Paypal or credit card.

Step 5

We Edit All Your Photos

Work commences as soon as payment is received and editing is done using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Step 6

Get Your Completed Photos

Afrisafpics will inform you when your photos are ready so that you can download the edited pictures from your temporary online album onto your own device(s), after which the album will be closed until you make a photo editing request again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the editing take?

It depends on how many photographs you submit and the current workload. We try and stick to a two day turnaround time, but if yours is a big batch to edit it will take longer.

Rather than rush things, we strive to give attention to every photo to make sure that it's the best that it can possibly be.

Can I make a canvas or print from the edited images?

Yes, you definitely can. The bigger the original image you took the bigger the canvas or print can be to hang on your wall.

So always make sure that your camera is set to the largest image size possible and preferably RAW format when on safari.

What Photo Types Can Be Submitted?

RAW images are preferable because they are like a blank canvas, with no editing added in-camera. Other file types we accept are JPEG, PNG, TIFF, DNG, CMYK and PSD.

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