Baby Bird Pictures

Baby flamingo

To obtain baby bird pictures in the wild requires a bit of effort as their parents usually hide them pretty well, or they run off when danger (including a safari vehicle or humans on foot) approaches, in the case of slightly larger chicks.

It is safe to say most baby birds are not very pretty. Take for instance the baby flamingo above, it shows hardly any sign of the beautiful pink adult it is to become.

Baby bird pictures of water birds will most probably show the family as a group, scrambling for the reeds with the chicks never far away from their mother.

Eagles on the other hand, rarely lay more than two eggs so you will only find one or two gaping beaks among fluffy down feathers peeking out among their sticks nest.

Where To Take Baby Bird Pictures

The beauty of birdlife is that it is so diverse and that birds occur worldwide. The wildlife safari areas of East and Southern Africa do however offer an astonishing variety of birdlife. Southern Africa alone boasts around 950 species.

As the different species occupy different habitats, you may find nests in all sorts of locations: hanging from the end of a branch, huge communal nests covering almost the whole tree, floating nests of twigs, hollows in the ground.

Once you find a nest you can revisit it regularly until the chicks hatch which should give you plenty of opportunity to photograph the baby birds from all angles. Unless they are in a closed nest which may only afford you pictures of their hungry beaks every now and then.

In your quest to find and photograph wild baby birds, it's easiest to start by looking for ducklings or ground-dwelling birds like guinea-fowl or francolins.