Dramatically Improve Your
Safari Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is one of my passions. I've been taking photographs on safari for over forty years now and the results are showcased on this website.

I'd like to share what I've learnt about taking safari photos with you to help improve your animal picture results when you go on your safari trip.

You would no doubt do a good job on your own but due to the nature of safari wildlife photography it has some special requirements and once you know what those are it could transform your pictures from good to great.

Most safaris only last a week or two, so you need to make your efforts count in that short time to get some decent nature pictures that you won't be ashamed to show to the people back home, and it helps to prepare a little beforehand.

I can also help with tips, advice and recommendations about the how and where of going on safari itself having been on more than one hundred (including self drives) through the years to obtain my wildlife pictures.

Giraffe Picture

Which Wildlife Camera

Which are the best cameras for obtaining great wildlife pictures and is compact or SLR the best format to use?

I've learnt a few of the requirements for taking animal photos on safari over the years and my choice of photographic equipment has evolved accordingly towards these cameras.

White Rhino

Top Photographic Safari Operators In Africa

Conventional safari operators don't cater to the needs of the serious wildlife photography practitioner but these three companies most certainly do.

They are the pick of the whole bunch covering Africa.

Vervet Monkey

Best Safari Telephoto Lenses

Lenses complete the other half of the safari wildlife photography puzzle and they are often more expensive than the camera itself because of the long focal lengths that are required to get up close and personal to the shy animal subjects.

It pays to do a lot of research to make sure that you are spending your money wisely.

Elephant Swimming

African Photo Safari Hotspots

You are sure to find wildlife picture opportunities here that will make people sit up and take notice because the two most important factors for a successful picture safari are present in these areas in spades.

These four destinations are the best of the best for African wildlife photography.

Cheetah Yawning

Safari Wildlife Photography Tips

One of the best tips for safari wildlife nature photography is to practise patience.

If you spend enough time with a wild animal they will eventually do something that will cause your pictures to come alive so make sure you stick around when you find a big cat or a troop of baboons.

Ground Hornbill

Best Birding Tour Companies

Feathered wildlife gets a special mention because taking pictures of birds has its own unique requirements and challenges.

Many people simply ignore birds when they go on safari in favour of the bigger animals but they are missing some golden opportunities to get some beautiful bird pictures. These are the top three operators in Africa to do it with.

White Rhino Rear

Outstanding Wildlife Photo Contests To Enter

The next step after you have taken some halfway decent nature photographs is to enter your best efforts in a wildlife photo contest.

This list ranks the best four wildlife photography competitions for you.

Telephoto Lens

Wildlife Photography Questions Answered

Using my experience built up over forty years of photographing animals on safari I attempt to answer photography questions asked by visitors to this website.

Feel free to ask a question too if you have one.