Chameleon Pictures

Chameleon Picture

These chameleon pictures were taken in Madagascar where almost half of the worlds species reside. The rest are to be found in Africa, some in Sri Lanka, India and Asia Minor.

Those big eyes can actually move independently of each other so the reptile can look in two different directions at once which is handy but must be a very weird sensation when you think about it.

Chameleon Pictures - Facts and Information

Your chances of getting chameleon photo opportunities on safari are reasonably good as you will often find them crossing a road with their strange bow legged gait.

I've photographed a number of them in the Kruger National Park in South Africa on tar and dirt roads which they need to cross pretty quickly or they might be snapped up by a passing bird of prey

Chameleon crossing the road

They normally spend their time in trees and are well adapted for this with their opposable sets of digits which allow them to grasp branches and their prehensile tails which has a pretty powerful grip.

They hunt by making use of stealth and patience, waiting for an insect to alight close by and then moving slowly forward until their remarkably long and sticky tongue is within striking distance to dart it out swiftly and entrap its prey.

Their is some disagreement as to the reasons for their colour changing abilities. Some say that it is in reaction to their surroundings that they change colour to hide them from predators while others contend that it is a response to light, temperature and mood and not simply an attempt to match its environment.

Whatever the reason the range and speed of colouration that they can achieve is remarkable and accounts for one the facts why these lizards are so popular as pets.