Lion Video

The lion video was taken in the late afternoon at the end of October in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The summer rains hadn’t started yet, therefore the landscape in the video was still very dry. It’s a blessing in disguise though, as spotting wildlife is made easier by the lack of vegetation.

In this lion video clip, the pride was becoming active after what was most probably a lazy day spent in the shade (lions sleep around 20 hours a day).

The female in the lions video was following her fellow pride members; they were probably off to hunt. Unfortunately we couldn’t follow them for too long as we had to get back to camp before the gates closed.

There was also a male, standing right by the side of the car, towards the end of the lion video clip. He is still fairly young – although he has started developing a mane it is still small – but already of massive body size as you will see when comparing his size with that of the car.

I am always amazed at the size of a full grown lion’s paws – have a look at the lioness’ muscly legs and huge padded paws as she moves along.

When And Where To Take A Lion Video

As mentioned before, lions are inactive for most of the day. Although sometimes active during the day (especially if it’s a bit cooler), they are mostly nocturnal. Therefore dusk is a good time to try and video them as they become more active.

Dawn is another good time of the day, when chances for activity are higher than midday.

When on safari, talk with game rangers and other visitors. Lions are territorial and multiple sightings of the same pride in a certain area are likely.