Picture of Male Lion

The open savannah is a good place to start if you're in search of a picture of male lion. Bear in mind during the day they prefer the shade and spend a lot of time asleep.

This picture of a young male lion was taken in the late afternoon. He and another young male were lying right beside of the road in the Kruger National Park in South Africa, staring into the distance and looking very worthy of their title as kings of the animal world.

I will never forget the sight when the two of them eventually walked off into the distance ... just like royalty.

They do behave like royalty: the male lion lets the females kill the prey and then claims first seat at the meal. Once his appetite is satisfied, he spends the most part of the day resting or sleeping, often in full view of the poor antelope likely to provide the next meal.

Picture Of Male Lion - Using The Best Light

male lion

The best light for photographing male lion is early morning or late afternoon when the sun catches the mane.

The Kalahari or Serengeti are great choices for photographing the male lion as the ones in those areas generally have darker mane than most other in southern Africa, providing a wonderful contrast against the bleak and dry background of the Kalahari or open savannah of the Serengeti.

The mane gives a distant warning of his presence to his companions. It also serves a protection layer during fights. It starts growing at about two years and grows longer and darker the older a lion gets.

Cubs often like to play around the males and they are usually very tolerant toward the youngsters. This can offer some amazing picture of male lion opportunities.

Defending the Pride

They might appear to be lazy, but it is the essential job of the male lion to protect the territory of the pride and to ensure safe hunting grounds.

They use their magnificent roar to make their presence and territory known. Another way in which they mark their territory is by urinating over bushes and grass tufts.

Bachelor lions will from time to time challenge the pride male and when the latter becomes too old or weak, will have to surrender and give up his pride. The average period for a male to rule a pride, is two years.

Once "new" male/s have taken over a pride he will often kill the small cubs to ensure the females come into oestrus quicker and to wipe out the previous leader's genetic legacy.