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Primate Pictures

Primate pictures will deliver some of the most interesting photos of any of the wildlife in Africa because apes, monkeys and lemurs are extremely active and their similarity to us means we can relate to them a lot more.

But that doesn't mean they will be easy to obtain. Chimpanzee and gorilla inhabit very dense forest areas and lemurs are only found in the wild on the island of Madagascar.

Some of the monkeys like the vervet and the baboon are thankfully more common and you should have no trouble at all finding them on a safari.

The colobus, blue, patas, red-tailed and sykes monkeys on the other hand, are not as widely distributed and some of these species inhabit the treetops in forests which makes them difficult to spot and photograph.

Monkey Pictures

Vervet Monkey Picture
Bushveld Bandits

Monkey pictures opportunities can be found in most wildlife parks in Africa. And they really are fun to take, maybe because monkeys remind us so much of ourselves...

Gorilla Pictures

Gorilla Pictures
Muscle Bound

Visiting the mountain gorillas ranks as one of the most incredible wildlife experiences you can have and with good reason. Rwanda and Uganda are the place to go for amazing pics but just make sure you keep on this guy's good side because if he gets upset he could do you a lot of damage...

Baboon Pictures

Baboon Picture
Almost Human

I have taken multitudes of cute primate pictures of baboon in the Kruger National Park but you will find them in most game reserves in Africa and sometimes even outside the parks...

Chimpanzee Pictures

Chimpanzee Pictures
Chimp Pose

Kibale in Uganda and Gombe forest in Tanzania are excellent places to get a chimpanzee photograph of this very intelligent primate. You will have to track them on foot through dense forest so prepare yourself for a walk but it is definitely worth the trouble...


Toothy Yawn

The Mandrill is the world's largest monkey species and males can weigh up to 30 kg (60 lbs). They are classified as vulnerable because of habitat destruction in West Africa and hunting by humans. Mandrills are social creatures and normally congregate in troops to socialise and forage for food...

Colobus Monkey

Colobus monkey
Camera shy

The Colobus is found in the forests of East Africa and rarely comes down to the ground, preferring to stay in the trees where it is safer from predators. They feed on the tender young leaves of the trees that house them and occasionally eat certain insects...

Bush Baby Picture

Bush baby
Cute & Cuddly

If you ever see one of these on safari it will probably be the most peculiar looking animal that you encounter on the whole of your trip. They may look docile and sleepy but they can leap vast distances. The longest recorded jump is an amazing 23 feet from one tree to another ...

Vervet Monkey

Vervet Monkey
Caught in the Act

Vervets are extremely cheeky and brazen primates. I've had one steal my breakfast while I was eating it. They will provide excellent opportunities to take primate pictures when you come across them on your safari trip. But please remember NOT to feed them as they can very quickly become a nuisance...

Lemur Picture

Where to next?

The almost 60 species of lemur all occur naturally only in Madagascar. That is a fairly unique situation...

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